How to transfer songs, videos, and ringtone to iphone 3gs / 4 / 4s / 5 / 5s without itunes

Itunes is a best iPhone management software that have lot of features and easy to use by all people.but when you are sync Songs,videos or Ring tone .if a song ,video is not in your computer library but that song ,video in your iPhone will be deleted while you are sending a new song ,video .

So you can use another iPhone management software ITools. but itools software is not own by apple .inc . ITunes haven't allow to drag and paste. using itools you can copy paste song,videos without deleting exist song or video .

So how to to use this software correctly?
Follow the below simple step by steps to do it correctly.
itools iphone management software free
Step1)-'Download itools ,install properly
Step2)-open itools and connect your iPhone to your computer .wait for moment to identify the iPhone.
Step3)-click 'media' on the left side bar on the ITools software .
Step 4)- there is a import icon on the top bar of the itools,click on that icon browse for songs and select the songs you want.

Okay like this you can send video to your iPhone .click "video" on the right bar of the itools and browse for videos.using this you can send full HD (1080p) videos to IPhone3gs

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