Apple has released iOS 8.0.1, but you shouldn't update

IOS 8.0.1 is out with the fixed of several bugs , but you shouldn't update because,  in twitter many users are reporting touch ID is not working and no service message is displayed after the update , but it's affected in newly released IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus .

Ios 8.0.1 is ready to download


How to recharge Airtel, Dialog, Hutch, Mobitel, Etisalat using onlinepayment

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Now it's very easy to recharge your mobiles phone anywhere in the world using internet payment without going to local retail recharging shops. it will be very helpful in the night , because you'll not be able to go in night.

Payment gateway system:- worldremit
Payment methods:- debit cards, credit cards, bank transfer.
This is a uk based legally registered   company. you can transfer even 1USD.
You can see that custom reviews based on trustpilot.com so you don't need worry . Service available 24/7 so that it's possible to recharge your mobile phone any time.
How to recharge (instructions )
Log on  to  worldremit.com , there you can see some list of countries in the world, select your country and then select you operator you want to recharge. If you pay money using cards , it wil be very quick than bank transfer.


How to check SLT internet data usage meter easily

Sri Lankan Telecom is one of the largest Internet service provider in Sri lanka.

Checking your Internet data usage is recommended for the verification of how much data is used. If you using Internet without limitation , then your Internet package will be finished before the end of the month . Specially seeing video on video hosting sites like YouTube, vimeo, etc . And downloading larger size files will be eat your data rapid faster.          
Here is the link for the slt usage meter.

Once visit above link, you will be gone to the slt Internet usage meter. It will ask you to in put the log in name or user id, service category and enter password. Now you should fill your own detail in the proper boxes. That details will be given by slt , now it's time to click submit button it will take you to slt Internet usage  meter static. Here you can see the statics daily, weekly, or monthly views. if above link is not work, try this chrome extension  firefox addon

slt usage meter link


How to make money online without investment in 2014

Few years back making money on the Internet was not taken that seriously until some people really came and invented things like google and face book and became millionaires. Billions of people have started working on the Internet to earn some extra cash.

Some have even made this a full time job as they earn 3000 to 4000 dollars a month which is more than the amount they were earning at their  normal job.Earning online is difficult but if you put in hard work you could earn a decent amount.If you are looking forward to earn money in 2014 i will give you few ideas that will help you make money online this year.
make money online

Create your own website or Blog.

IF you want to really earn some good money make your own website on something that will help people or something that is interesting.Promote it everywhere possible and if your site goes famous you could be the nest Mark Zuckerberg.

Write Articles.

You could also write articles.Article writers are the ones who are most in demand.People pay 30 to 50 dollars for a good quality article.There is a lot of scope in this field and if article writing is your cup of tea then this is what you need.

Become an affiliate.

If you are good at selling and promoting then become an affiliate as they also earn a ransom amount selling products for affiliates.Join amazon's affiliate program or eBay's affiliate program as they are the most famous one's and you could earn a lot from it.

Write an E book.

If you have a flair for writing then try writing a ebook.There are few sites where you could self publish your book and those sites will pay you 70%  commission on every sale. Amazon is one of the most famous place where you could sell your ebook and if people like it then you could become a millionaire. These are few things that can make you earn a lot of money this 2014.
Specially earning online money from Sri lanka is hard to compare with other countries, because popular payment gateway system is not allow to receive money to Sri lankan paypal accounts.


How to increase Alexa ranking of website

Alexa ranking is a ranking system set by Alexa.com which is a subsidiary of amazon.com. It calculates and publishes the frequency of public visits of a website. In other words it gives us information about the web traffic and tells us how frequently a websites has been visited over a period of time.

A good Alexa ranking leads to a good and healthy website as the better the ranking is the more business you will get. Alexa ranking helps the companies to compete with each other thereby creating a healthy competitive market online.
alexa ranking

The Alexa ranking of a website can he enhanced by making the website popular among the people so that they visit again and again. A website can be made popular in many ways – by changing the entire look of the website, by providing various offers on website pages,

 by organizing quizzes and surveys which guarantees a prize to the winner, by putting up information that would interest the people and motivate them to come back again and again, by providing various advertisements on web pages in order to attract people.

For example, suppose we take up a shopping website. We can improve its Alexa ranking simply either by changing its outlook and making it look more colourful and attractive or by providing various discounts on shopping items on various occasions or by advertising these websites on other web pages so that more people get to know about these websites,

by displaying the best products they have, by proving quality service to their customers so that they shop again n again from the same website similarly in case of other websites they can try to retain their existing visitors by providing them good quality and sufficient information on the matters relating to their search.

How to protect children from internet abusive

In today’s modern world Internet has become our basic necessity for leading a quality life. It plays various roles in our daily life irrespective of age group. Internet provides as means of communication though social networking sites, it also provides many people with their means of livelihood - income, it can be called as encyclopedia as it provides us with information on any topic, it can be used for downloading, surfing, browsing etc.

We cannot imagine our lives without Internet and we depend directly or indirectly on Internet for our day to day activities. But it is well said that technology is a boon but it can also be a curse. Internet provides us with all the necessary information but it can also be harmful as it even contains information that should not be made available to children.
protect children from internet abusive
credit- http://www.flickr.com/photos/spigoo/

The basic problem is how to keep a child safe online as parents cannot be with their children all the time and its almost impossible to keep a track of what they are doing online.In order to keep children safe, parents have to keep alert and keep checking on their child.

 They should know whom are they chatting to on social networking sites, recently facebook is also a major problem in Sri Lanka too.  they should always keep inquiring about their Internet surfing outcome and they should know what do they do online what web pages do they open which sort of websites do they check out.

Internet is necessary hence children cannon be deprived of it but as responsible guardian parents must keep checking on them. If required parents can even allow their children to use Internet for a specified time period so that children would be forced to complete all their work within that restricted time hence not giving them extra time to waste on unnecessary websites and web pages.

Children protection tools


Project Siena for the Rest of Us

Microsoft opens another door to Windows 8.1 development. That door is called Project Siena. It is not exactly the final product name and it is still in its beta stages but readily available from Microsoft as a free download. It is a WYSIWYG app development tool that targets business experts, analysts, consultants and app engineers to develop for Windows 8.1. This tool basically paves the way for app development by letting high-level development officers who have no time to code to design working apps for use as the basis for something better and more robust. More savvy users can also use Project Siena to develop useful full-pledged working apps and even submit them to the Windows Store.
project siena

Project Siena is as simple as editing a Word document where users can create visuals and link them to data from various sources like Excel files, RSS feeds and Windows Azure tables. It has its own Excel-like functions for additional app intelligence and functionality.

 Like many Windows 8 apps, apps developed from Siena are composed of HTML5 and Javascript under the hood and managed and deployed like other Windows 8 apps but users need to know little or none at all of these underlying languages. Project Siena is available at the Microsoft website () with free samples and tutorials to get started.

Developing for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are familiar yet slightly different creatures when it comes to application development. To get started developing for these two platforms, developers need to download the following tools: Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows 8 and Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Phone. These tools are free to download from the Microsoft web site to entice more developers to the two platforms and allow Microsoft to break the app barrier. They also come with free samples and app templates to help developers get started. Purchasing Visual Studio Pro however will allow developers to create for both platforms.

Tools are downloaded so now what? Developers need to learn the intricacies of both platforms. Beginners need to know about developing for Windows Phone and about the Windows Store. For those who have already made apps earlier versions of Windows Phone should have little problems developing for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Plus, most code can be reused between both platforms.

 Developers coming from other platforms like iOS or Android also need to learn the workings of Windows 8 and Phone 8 and need to be familiar with C, C++, HTML5, Javascript and the XAML language. Chances are, most are already accounted for. Game developers should be able to create robust games because of the extensive gaming support for both platforms.